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2017-05-06 13:32:22 by BurgeraX


Royalty Free song of mine that is now released by Argofox :)

I hope you all enjoy this song as it is only up on that channel, i wont be posting it here:p

Cant believe ive come this far with my music already only have being almost 3 years! I thank all of you on newgrounds here for stickin along with me :)

BurgeraX Discord Server

2016-12-31 19:36:38 by BurgeraX

Hey i made a discord server for anyone to join and talk, come on in :)


And feel free to donate to me<3


Free Dubstep Drop FLP

2016-12-02 21:31:32 by BurgeraX

Hey you, i made a drop that i really liked with harmor if you wanna give it a listen, its here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvDr5N0oWK0

And the FLP is in the description, or

Right here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw0vBmkwacMMLXdZSXRVYkFvTkk/view?usp=sharing&pageId=100358574091856704068 

<3 Interested to see how people use this, and if you do, do send it to me :D

Drum & Bass

2016-11-20 19:05:05 by BurgeraX

5459217_147968665773_Screenshot12.pngProject Screenshot of the new Drum&Bass track i made :)


2016-09-11 15:38:26 by BurgeraX

Made a youtube channel to post some of my songs i like, or you guys request.

Subscribe if u would like to support me :D 



2016-08-01 14:50:37 by BurgeraX

Anyone wanna collab?? If so you must need Fl Studio 10

Woa Hey Guys

2016-07-10 19:27:22 by BurgeraX

Im back and active again :)))))


2016-05-10 16:24:57 by BurgeraX

Hey, if you are someone looking for needs such as; 

  1. Music for animations, movies, etc
  2. Any type of pixel art for games
  3. Any "animations"
  4. Or any game programming (I'm not too good yet)
  5. Or would just like to do a collab with anything

Then send me a PM or add me on skype at: BurgeraxMC and I can help u with anything


Album 3 Wrap Up?!!?

2016-02-13 16:47:22 by BurgeraX

I'm hoping to try to do my first remix song. Let's see how it goes

Finally Finished:D

2016-01-26 00:19:46 by BurgeraX

finally finished my song. it is called corruption. Go check it out down belowwwe